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Title: More Than Mere Words Can Describe
Fandom: American Idol season 8
Pairing: Kradam
Rating: Tame
Word Count: 631
Written for: ai_drabblememe prompt by discoschtick -Adam's tweets to other people are actually trying to tell Kris something.

It wasn't stalking, what Kris was doing. Adam was off at a recording session, and had ever-so-casually left his laptop open in his bunk. Kris had originally slid in to shut it down so it wouldn't overheat, but he found himself curled up in the top bunk, Adam's laptop in his lap, reading through Adam's twitter updates.

He scoffed at all the replies that littered the page. Adam never replied to his tweets, but it wasn't like he didn't have the time. That much was obvious from reading the timestamps on the replies he'd sent to his friends back home. He could have easily replied to Kris at any of those times.

@ali22san I miss you!!! back in three weeks!!!

Kris sighed. Three weeks and the tour would be over. Three weeks and they'd all go their separate ways. Maybe after they'd been apart for too long, maybe then Adam would reply to Kris' tweets with something like this. Just a friendly little reminder that he was missed, and a countdown until they'd meet again, filled with the anticipation of children at Christmas.

@MrLaBryFYP good morning lover!

Kris smiled to himself and scrolled slowly past it. Adam always had been ridiculously open about his relationships. He was honestly surprised the tweet hadn't sounded... edgier. His cursor hovered over the "direct messages" link briefly before deciding against it... his conscience would catch up to him fast if he'd tried that.

@thecatcameback Enjoyed your drawings! Quite the imagination!

...OK, this one sounded familiar. Kris was sure this person was some fan, they'd gotten interesting gifts all throughout tour, and drawings were among some of the more popular. But just the other day, the pair had been relaxing in the living area of the bus, when Kris pulled out a napkin and his Sharpie. He'd drawn some fantasy scene that had occupied his dreams the previous night, robots and lasers, aliens, and a bizarre setting resembling Legoland.

"What's that?" Adam had asked.

"A dream."

"You, my friend, have a very active imagination."

@ashleygomila how's your hair honey?

Kris reached his hand up to his own hair instinctively, sitting up from his position against the wall and fixing it from its flattened position. He paused while his hand was mid-comb. Since when was his name...he paused to read the tweet again... Ashley? Since when did Adam call him honey? He removed the hand from his hair, shaking his head. Adam had him so deprived of replies, he was reacting to other people's now.

@perezhilton. Thank you very much for bragging bout me that was sweet. I'll stoop: i'm more of Top. Not an offer though, I'm taken. :) ha

Kris didn't know whether to smirk or shake his head. One the one hand, it was just like Adam to crack a joke like that. On the other hand, it was Perez freaking Hilton. Perez Hilton was in no way allowed to brag about Adam. Not on Kris' watch. Perez didn't know Adam like Kris did. Didn't room with him all this time, hell, never even talked. Kris didn't like it when people passed judgment, and that's exactly what Perez would be doing as long as he didn't actually "know" Adam.

@Glitter__Fairy we gave talked about it. I hope so... :) we both want to. It's a matter of "when"

Kris could forgive the typo. The tweet, typo or not, gave Kris the mental image of Adam in a kitchen, cooking and being generally housewife-y. So, Krs took Adam's tweet to mean he wanted to move in with someone... probably Drake, he thought. But was it bad that Kris wanted this for himself?


He glanced up from the screen. "How long you been there?"

"Long enough," the taller man snickered. "Now gimme my laptop back."



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