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INTO THE FIRE- a gen drabble

Title: Into The Fire
Fandom: American Idol season 8
Pairing: gen/no pairing
Rating: Tame, idk, whatever.
Word Count: 484
Written for: ontd_ai drabble meme combined prompts GEN 7. idol gen, bonfire night on tour! and GEN 13. Michael does/says something about homophobia that pleasantly surprises Adam.

The group of Idols sat around the roaring fire, eagerly digging through their bags for the things they’d brought to burn. Some of them, OK, most of them, had never been to a bonfire before, but really, what was more fun than throwing random things into a fire, never to see them again?

Adam was the first to stand, having been the most experienced with bonfires. Everyone looked up immediately to see what he’d be burning. Adam smirked as he pulled the beanie from his bag.

“Hey, that’s my hat!”

“Sorry, Kristopher,” Adam smirked. “You and hats just don’t get along too well.”

“I’ll take it,” Matt commented from across the fire. Adam ignored it, however, tossing the hat into the fire and reclaiming his seat next to Kris, who scowled at him. Adam smirked, wrapping his arm around the small of his back, and Kris gave in.

Sickening. God, they were sickening. Matt reached into his bag, pulling out the coveted envelope. If he had his choice, honestly, he’d throw Adam himself into the fire. But since that would probably, OK, no, definitely be considered a criminal offense, he’d settled for the next best thing. He threw the envelope into the fire, watching it burn with a satisfied smirk.

“Hey, did you guys know that God apparently hates fags?” The entire group turned to stare uneasily at Michael, who was waving papers around. “That’s what these say,” he commented, flipping through them dramatically. “Here you go,” he smiled, handing the top sheet off to Lil next to him. He continued until everyone had a sheet of the offending papers. “I think you all know what to do.”

The group stepped toward the fire together, and ceremoniously burned every word that was precious to the Westboro Baptist Church.

“Thanks, bro,” Adam stood and hugged Michael. The hug was still slightly awkward, but hey, it was a step. As the ashes settled to the bottom of the fire, several other items were thrown in. Megan had thrown one of Lil’s old weaves, at full permission of the older woman. She’d admitted it was so old it was “stankin’ up the bus” anyway.

Soon, everyone had thrown something and said their peace, except for Kris. He sheepishly dug into his bag. “Why so hostile, guys?” he smiled. “I brought stuff to make s’mores.”

The group laughed and simultaneously leapt at Kris in an attempt to be the first. However, one person retreated from the group, sneaking off back onto the buses. Damn it, why did Kris have to be so cute? Worse yet, why did he have to be so… Adam’s? Matt climbed into his bunk on the bus, reaching into the small compartment for the envelope he kept containing a lock of Kris’ hair.

He opened the envelope, and inside, a single, messily folded, photo of Adam.

He was never going to get it right.


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